Liberate and thrive

Your CARDANO can do much more than just sitting in a wallet.

You didn’t come this far to stop or slow down. We determine to bring your ADA to any dApp on any Blockchain. A gateway of Cardano to the world.


Innovation can't wait

We have made Wrapped Cardano so the power of your ADA increases... instantly.

While interoperability is now being on the top of everyone's mind, we are still far from a truly interoperable blockchain world. Our Wrapped Cardano (Stellar Network) is determined to close the gaps and will serve as a gateway to unleash the power of Cardano TODAY. Now, you can use your Cardano in the other networks. WADA will be our first baby step of this inter-chain journey.

How it works

Wrap your ADA (Cardano Network) and instantly dive into the world of Defi

1. Send your ADA to the ADA wallet address provided

2. Enter your Stellar wallet address

3. WADA (1:1) will be transferred to the user's Stellar wallet

Unwrap your WADA (Stellar Network) and get back your ADA

1. Send your WADA to the Stelar wallet address with the Memo provided

2. Wait for your ADA to be deposited back to your Cardano Wallet

Wrapped ADA is backed 1:1 with Cardano

We have made the process fully transparent, 100% verifiable at anytime. Your Cardano will be safe in a custodial wallet that is secured and will not be moving until you need it back.

Our Roadmap

Q2 2021 - Stellar Bridge (Proof of Concept)

Q3 2021 - Ethereum Bridge

Q4 2021 - Mint NFTs on Cardano

Q1 2022 - Polygon Bridge